As an ACTOR located in the Dallas area,

Kimberly is represented by Linda McAlister Talent.  

She is comfortable in a wide variety of roles, loves a challenge, and is passionate about serving her family, her community and her work.

Kimberly feels extremely blessed to have lived in and/or traveled through over 16 countries and 4 continents, enjoying and learning from diverse cultures and individuals from all over the world, while raising 5 amazing children with her beloved husband.

With a degree in Elementary Education & Special Education, she taught in various capacities and cultural settings for over 32 years.  She currently enjoys loving on 7 grandchildren, serving her community through various non-profit ministries, continues to educate herself through reading, writing, workshops and weekly classes, and is passionately researching/writing a screenplay on a subject that effects us all.


Kimberly’s technical and professional acting skills coupled with her rich personal and educational experiences are what set her apart as an actress. 

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